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BRN-DLT450 high speed copper large drawing machine BRN-DLT450 high speed copper large drawing machine

This product is designed to absorb the international advanced level of high-speed copper wire drawing machine technology. The machine is composed of a pay-off device, a wire drawing host, a horizontal annealing device, a wire storage device, a double-disc winding device, a plum drop machine, a gear box lubrication and a cooling device. Applicable to the wire and cable industry to draw φ8mm into a round copper wire of φ1.2~4.0mm.
This machine adopts new technology, main body integral cast iron box, high-precision grinding gear and NSK bearing, which greatly improves the running precision and service life of the machine. Single row drum arrangement, quick mold change, oil-immersed wire lubrication and horizontal The annealing device is easy to operate and guarantees the quality of the wire. The air pressure control of the double-disc winding device has a fast reaction speed, no pollution, stable operation, and is guaranteed to be replaced under the condition that the cable is not stopped, and has high productivity. This machine is suitable for 500/630 wire reel to meet the needs of various equipments in the cable industry.

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  • 型号: BRN-DLT450
  • 产品品牌: 邦润
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